Jul 30, 2020

Column Heater

Column Heaters are Oil filled radiator heaters, also known as “Oil Heaters,” “Oil-filled Radiator” are types of convection heaters commonly used for domestic purposes. Although named oil heaters, it does not use Oil as fuel but uses electricity to heat that Oil, which in turn provides heat.

Let us study more about column heaters and see the top-rated products from amazon and review each of them.


1. PELONIS Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater

Price: $75.99


Power 1500W 

Programmable thermostat

Remote control

10-hour Timer

LED Display

3 Heat Settings

5 Temperature Settings (65F/70F/75F/80F/85F)

4-Swivel Caster Wheels

With this heater, you can enjoy optimized temperature served as a stylish and energy-efficient indoor heater. It can warm up your house, apartment, dorm, garage, or office, and keep you cozy.  It provides efficient radiant heat with the self-regulating heat output and an energy-saving function that optimizes the power settings to achieve the desired temperature. With the user-friendly design featuring the foolproof programmable panel, a 10-hour digital timer, and remote control, you could modify the temperature according to your wish.

It comes with excellent safety features.The thermostat is inaccurate.
It has swivel caster rotational wheels, which provide easy portability.

2. DeLonghi Oil filled Radiator Space Heater

Price: $112.89


1500 watts of Heating power

Adjustable Thermostat

3 Heat Settings


Energy Saving

Thermal shutoff

Safe for Home with Pets/Kids

This column heater features thermal chimneys to provide maximum heating while ensuring a low surface temperature. The control panel features an adjustable thermostat, variable heat settings, and a 24-hour programmable timer. The antifreeze setting allows the unit to automatically turn on when the temperature drops below 44 degrees Fahrenheit. It includes rust-resistant durable metal construction, a modern design, and a thermal shutoff function that automatically turns the heater off if it starts to overheat as safety features.

It is made of durable material; hence it lasts longer.It gives off a weird smell.
The unique thermal slot design maximizes heat flow into the room.

3. Aikoper Space Heater

Price: $69.99


3 Heating Settings(600/900/1500W)

ECO Mode

Remote Control

24-Hours Timer

LED Display

Digital Thermostat

Overheat & Tip-over Protection

Children Lock Function

This is yet another excellent option for heating a medium to a large room. It has various safety measures, along with a child lock and an LED display. The unique design maximizes heat flow into the room without making noise.


It has a built-in safe technology of tail fin separation for overheat protection.Heat is just not sufficient. It doesn’t even get too hot to the touch.
Antifreeze settings help prevent freezing pipes.


The above-listed products are the best ones and can be considered for heating your space while keeping a check on your bills and avoiding the room to become too hot.

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