Jul 31, 2020

Econo Heater

If you want to save on heating costs with an energy-efficient heater, the Econohome Heaters will do that job. These save energy because they only use one-third of the electricity compared to a conventional space heater to heat a room by trapping in the cold air and releasing it by warming it up. These Econo-Heaters are great for adding additional heat to a room. Also, the flat and sleek designs of these heaters make your home acquire a modern outlook and also fits in with any room.

Let us look at two fantastic options available on Amazon of this particular brand, which people prefer and rated highly on the platform.

1. Econo Heater

Price: $319.90

This is an excellent e heater that heats up an area of up to 120 sq feet. It is an energy-saving option that is also safe for pets and kids too. It also comes with a three-year warranty to ensure the quality and durability of the heater. Since it heats up only a small space, it is suitable for a compact room. One crucial point is that you need a well-ventilated place for this heater to work efficiently.


Heat Output:

Ease in Installation:

Energy Efficient:

Value for Money:

The sleek design makes it easy to be placed in a room.It heats up only a small space.
It helps you to save a lot of heating costs and hence cut on your electricity bills.The plastic anchors can make it difficult to mount it.
It does not make noise so you can sleep peacefully.

2. EconoHome Wall Mounted Convection Heater

Price: $129.00

This proves to be yet another energy-saving option that comes with a cord length of 1.8 meters and warms up a space of 120 sq feet and consumes only a part of your electricity bill. It is easily installed and safe to touch. The energy consumption is as low as 0.4 Kw/hr, and the flat design takes minimum space in your room to place it. It also includes an adjustable thermostat and heat reflector too. The safe and efficient technology warms the air without drying it out and robs it out of humidity.


Ease in Installation:


Energy Efficiency:

Heat Output:

Value for money:

It includes a three-year manufacturer warranty.It heats up a smaller space than other conventional heaters.
It has excellent safety features and is completely safe to touch.
It is built with an updated technology that doesn’t dry out the air.


As we have seen in all the options that the area covered by these heaters is small, so it is better as an added unit to the already heating unit present, or if you have a small space, then you’re good to go with this brand as the electricity-saving capacity is enormous and that saves you a lot of money.

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