Aug 18, 2020

Dayton Heaters

Offices and commercial spaces tend to get colder than other places in winters, keep the employees comfortable, and keep their productivity higher as always; it is the employers’ responsibility to find a solution to keep them warm and provide them a comfortable working space. Dayton Heaters are a solution to this problem. These heaters heat up large areas, be it a big office or a garage.

In this article, we will learn more about the features of these heaters and the pros and cons so the readers can decide which one to buy.

Top Products from Amazon

1. Dayton 3VU31 Heater

Price: $95.67

These heaters are well-known to warm up garages and job sites. They have a tubular heating element for efficient heating, and the fan-forced air distributes heat throughout the space. These heaters are secured with an internal thermal cutout, which shuts off the heater when it is overheating. They can be manually turned on when the temperature returns to normal. These heaters have a unit-mounted thermostat. No vents are required as these heaters do not release fumes.

These have excellent safety features, which include auto shut off.This contains a chemical known to spread cancer, congenital disabilities, and other harmful reproductive ailments.
With the fan-forced air, the distribution of heat is even throughout.

2. Dayton 3VU36 Heater

Price: $200.57

This one is yet another amazing option to keep your commercial space warm and comfortable. It operates on a voltage of 240 volts and contains a tubular heating element that provides high efficiency-heating and uses fan-forced air to provide warmth. Like other units of this brand, it also comes with excellent safety features and performing outstandingly in completing their task at hand.

The built-in thermostat is adjustable and automatically shuts OFF when the temp reaches a certain level and turns ON when the temp drops to a certain degree.This heater needs 240 volts to plug, so be careful while buying a heavy-duty commercial extension as there are several products, and you need the one that matches your requirements.
It works exceptionally well with little or no maintenance over the years.

3. Dayton 4E169 5000 Watt Electric Garage Heater

Price: $453.20

This heater is used for garages or large commercial co-working spaces and requires a wattage of 5000 watts, which is much higher than the other listed products in this article. This is made of high and durable housing material Steel. It comes with excellent features, including thermostat, totally enclosed permanently lubricated fan motor, high/low heat selector switch, and fan-only switch.

It can warm up huge spaces very quickly.It is quite expensive and doesn’t fit the bill for everyone.
It is effortless to install.

Benefits of Dayton Heaters

  • These heaters provide high-efficiency heating to heat up large office spaces. They’re more potent than the usual office heaters to warm workers in cold conditions.
  • They can be plugged into an outlet that matches their voltage rating.
  • These do not give off fumes, so no venting is required, unlike other heating units.
  • You can choose among a variety of heaters as there are unit heaters, infrared heaters, and many more.
  • Rather than heating up the air around the heater, Dayton infrared heaters allow heat to radiate from the ground, keeping the warm air more effective where you need it the most and saving money on fuel while cutting off noisy blowers.
  • Dayton heaters are built tough and sturdy for long-running and give a quality performance.

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