Aug 19, 2020

Far Infrared Heaters

Almost all of us know what infrared heaters are and how infrared heating works, but I wonder how many of you know about the Far Infrared Heaters. I did not know a lot about it until I came across this. Infrared is absorbed by all the objects, including our skin. Far Infrared is radiant heating that is easily absorbed by people’s skin. Therefore, these heaters take advantage of this property of infrared heat and provide warmth to people.

Let us learn more about far infrared heating, types, and the working mechanism of these heaters.

What is Far Infrared Heating?

Far infrared heating is an improved version of infrared heating as the infrared heat operates in the visible part of the spectrum and often causes irritation to the eyes or leads to skin diseases. Far infrared heating technology heats surfaces, which in turn heat doors, walls, and the objects placed in the covered space. It uses safe and healthy ”invisible light” at wavelengths in the 7,500 to 10,000 nanometer, which in the spectrum is also called “Far or therapeutic infrared.”

This technology is also advantageous because when the doors or windows have opened, the heat or the warmth does not escape as the objects in the room capture it, and the heat does not vanish. It is only a matter of a few minutes for the room to again gain the same warmth after closing the doors and windows.


1. Outdoor Far Infrared Heaters

These provide a gentle, more persistent heat than more great alternatives like quartz and halogen – with similar effects to that felt under a winter sun.

They can be fitted to provide cost-effective and maintenance-free heating in places like patios, outside dining areas, pubs, terraces, and outdoor rooms.

2. Indoor Space and Commercial 

They operate silently with zero light and are maintenance-free, unlike conventional alternatives using gas, quartz or halogen bulbs.

Far Infrared Heaters provide comfort and efficient heating in places like hotels, cafés, and restaurants, offices, schools, warehouses, churches, public halls and warehouses, depots and garages.

3. Electric Far Infrared Panel Heaters

Electric Far Infrared Panel Heaters provide greater comfort and cost-effective heating for the broadest range of environments. 

From offices, shops, and restaurants to education and health care, pubs, hotels, and every room in your home, there’s a Far Infrared Panel Heater solution to provide indoor heating that is up to 60% more efficient than traditional systems.


  • These heaters are the best solution for outdoor areas that are sheltered or part-covered as these provide a gentle and persistent heat.
  • These do not irritate the eyes or the skin because the radiation operates at a part of the spectrum that permits it to travel through the air without any hindrances.
  • Far infrared radiations are able to penetrate up to 3-inches deep to produce warmth that can give immense relief to muscles as well as internal organs.
  • These heaters are cost-effective, most efficient, and healthy ways of heating objects and people.


Far Infrared heating has several benefits over the conventional infrared, and these are widely used in large saunas.

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