Jul 30, 2020

Cove Heaters

There are various types of equipment for heating, and when people look for a heater, they try to find something that is taking up less space and is electricity-efficient. Cove Heaters are a recently upgraded technology that provides heat directly to people without any obstruction.

Before looking at some great options on Amazon, we will quickly go through what these are and the benefits of a Cove Heater.

What are these, and how does it work?

These are a type of space-saving radiant heaters that also produce convection heat by heating the air similar in style to a baseboard. It provides the comfort of radiant heat and sustained warmth of convection heat and proves to be one option that saves space and keeps you warm at the same time.

In a cove heating unit, an electric element warms an aluminum panel coated with a special vitreous enamel. This panel, in turn, radiates heat outward into the room, just like solar energy emitted by the sun that provides exceptional comfort levels.

Top Products from Amazon

#1. King Electric Heater

This is a fantastic option that is compact and is available in various sizes. It combines both radiant and convection heat to provide comfortable temperatures to the users. Other specifications are listed in the table below.

Image Preview
TitleKING KCV2404-W Convection Cove Heater
Voltage240 Volts
Wattage420 Watts
Power SourceHardwire
More DetailsView Details
It makes no noise while operating.It does not have an installation instructions booklet.
The design is compact. They are great for cramped spaces where floor space is at a premium, and baseboard heaters are not possible.

#2. Marley Radiant Heater

This is yet another great option that provides radiant heating, which is efficient and comfortable with no moving air. This unit can easily be mounted on the wall near the ceiling so that it dont not obstruct and come in the way.

Image Preview
TitleMarley RCC4524C Qmark Electric Radiant CoveHeater
Weight4 pounds
ColorWhite and grey
Voltage240 Volts
Wattage450 Watts
Power SourceCorded electric
More DetailsView Details
It functions very well, producing an even gentle heat.This heater takes some time to heat the room after being turned down.
It is cheaper than other cove heating units.


  • These heaters directly warm the objects and people in a room and provide more efficiency and consistency in heating than forced air systems. 
  • These heaters create evenly heated space and offer you a more comfortable and cozy environment by eliminating wasteful hot and cold air exchange.
  • These are efficient in terms of electricity as they use less power and save a lot of money on your electricity bills.
  • These heaters use the ceiling space and are commonly used where wall space is limited. The high wall mounting allows you to use any wall in a room without displacing the furniture or decor.
  • These are compact and lightweight, which makes them trendy and take up the minimum space.

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